An Update on the Celebration of the 14th Top Women in Grocery Class

These are unprecedented times in every aspect of what we do and how we do it.


Those of us at Progressive Grocer are first and foremost dedicated to excellence in our content, our products, our customers and our people.  That dedication at times means we have to put that excellence into action by making decisions that, while difficult, are the best course of action for the safety and security of all of us. 

With that in mind we have made the decision to re-invent our Top Women in Grocery gala this year into a virtual celebration of the talent that exists within the grocery retail environment we live and work in today.


Our goal for the past 14 years in producing TWIG has been to honor and celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of those who deserve to be honored.  Each year, those individuals are chosen by their colleagues and peers and we gather to celebrate their talents and leadership qualities.  That we promise will never change.

We will continue to have a full schedule of great content to help you learn, connect and grow as we focus on the vital issues facing all women in this industry.  That we promise will not change.


What will change is how we do it, in 2020.  With the help of an advisory committee made up of top retail and CPG industry executives, we are working feverishly to build a program that extends the unique experience of TWIG in a "virtual" way.  We will work with our sponsors to continue to celebrate the winners and their colleagues and make being named a "Top Woman in Grocery" as special as it always is each and every year.

We are working on creating customized "Retailer Days".  We will be creating special and memorable sessions and ideas that validate just how special being a "member of the TWIG club" is.  We are working with our sponsors to bring a little bit of the live TWIG to each winner as well.


There will be much more to come as we work hard to continue to build a memorable experience for each of you, your colleagues, your families and your companies.


One thing you can count on from us at Progressive Grocer: We will always be Ahead of What's Next for you.


Thank you for your patience and please return to the website on Fridays for event updates.


- All of us at Progressive Grocer and EnsembleIQ.

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